Arizona InciWeb Updates:

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[Not all active fires in Arizona will appear here. Some fires that appear here may have been of significance but currently inactive.] 

Information that appears here is directly fed from Inciweb via RSS.   

WildWeb** - Initial Report

**WildWeb Note:  These are initial reports of an activity or incidents received by area dispatch centers. The information available is often preliminary and not definitive. Each center's system configuration limits the information available for public viewing and the refresh/update cycle. Thus information such as Location, Lat/Long, Acres, etc. may not be current.  Do not contact dispatch centers directly for current fire information. 

Southwest Area Dispatch Boundary Map

 Fire Potential Outlook

Southwest Area 7-Day Fire Potential Outlook

Southwest Area Monthly Fire Potential Outlook

National 7-Day Fire Potential Outlook

Fire Weather

Southwest Area Fire Weather Resources

Red Flag Warning & Fire Weather Watches

WFAS - Wildland Fire Assessment System




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